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Interactive piano book הופ ילדות ישראלית


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Channel presents a piano book with notes by colors and numbers. Easily play the favorite children's songs. The channel offers the largest variety of Israeli children's songs, happy and high quality, from the best creators for their generations and on a wide variety of topics that accompany the children in their daily routine and at all the significant stages of their lives. Israeli childhood songs that we all love. Channel has long since become the soundtrack of Israeli childhood. Grow up in good hands!

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the book will occupy your child for a long time. at the same time, they will introduce popular melodies, musical instruments and the basics of music. the piano book develops fine motor skills, musical hearing, coordination of movements and memory. attached to the book is a small plastic instrument with a small column and comfortable keys, each labeled in the same way as the note it corresponds to. by pressing the keys in the order indicated by the colored notes, you will be able to play a familiar melody, even without knowing musical notation and without hearing! and, undoubtedly, the child, having understood the essence of the game, will be happy to master a new musical instrument

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4 musical instruments + funny sounds, play by color. 5 playing modes and 10 favorite songs for children. on and off button. 21 unnumbered pages: color illustrations 28 cm + 1 high-quality plastic piano. dotted

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