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Interactive book אילו הייתי אריה


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A fun and funny interactive book. If I were a shark or a soap or a lion what would happen? In the original book, each page begins with "If I were" and the name of some animal, and the continuation is surprising. For example: "If I were an ant, I would have a very small bed and I would cover myself with cake crumbs." The phrase "if I were" is found quite a bit in children's literature, and not by chance. It matches the creativity inherent in every person from birth, and allows children to play with the imagination without limitation, and at the same time remember that "it's only as if" as they usually say. A little about the creators - Hanna Goldberg is a songwriter, poet and writer, wrote hundreds of songs, also wrote many children's books and four books for adults. Aviel Basil - He is a talented illustrator and has such a long resume that it is hard to believe that only six years ago he started studying illustration, and that too by chance. In the version before us, the little ones listen to the story, answer questions and sing the songs together.

Product description



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a delightful book with colorful and instructive illustrations, full of joy and humor, which gives young readers the strength and inspiration to love themselves for who they are. beautiful illustrations by Aviel Basil not only illuminate and illustrate the text, but also complement it. for example, this illustration appears in the text of an ant, and in addition to illustrating the size of the ant blanket, or rather, the width of its blanket, it adds a number that does not appear in the text at all and here is another idea for the activity: come up with "If I were" by illustrations. it is also possible and necessary to let the children play the parties they like, you can conduct a pantomime quiz based on the book. teachers/kindergarteners - order at least two copies for the library. parents, grandparents - fun guaranteed

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the elegant interactive book includes buttons that, by clicking on them, the child can listen to the story and "read" himself

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